How to Rank Your Website for a Specific Keyword

SEO tools are great for increasing traffic to your website, but they don’t always work exactly the way we would like them to. What can you do if Google or Bing isn’t responding exactly how you want? Specific keywords can be used to direct Google and others in the right direction. For example, the competition is really advanced for some industries such as for online casinos so they need to invest much time into figuring out the exact keywords that would drive traffic to their sites. The same applies to sites that promote casinos and their offers, and most of them just use direct search terms such as > Mohegan Sun promo code <. Here’s how you can utilize the power of specific keywords to improve search result rankings.

Find Your Baseline

In order to know how you can improve, you’ll first need to know where you’re currently at. You can manually search using a search engine and your tested keywords to see where your website is. It’s important to identify where you’re currently at before you can know where you want to go.

Try Variations

Once you know where your website is at and you know what your current search words are resulting in, you can try to identify different variations of the same search. If you’re having a hard type coming up with synonyms for your desired keyword(s), you can type your ideal keyword into something like Google’s keyword tool to help generate suggestions.

Take note of the suggestions as well as the competition for the potential keywords. Be sure that the keywords stay relevant to your website of course. Remember that something as vague as “gambling” can take you to help for problem gamblers, local gambling establishments, sports gambling, unrelated news headlines, and much more.

Do Some Research

Once you’ve identified your golden keyword(s), you’ll want to do a little bit of research. Run a search with this keyword and see what websites pop up. While you want to show up in the same search, you also need to stand out as a unique website. Also keep in mind the type of content that is ranking on the search—whether it’s mostly blogs, videos, product descriptions, etc. This can give you an idea of what you will need in order to rank.

Conceptualize and Execute

Identify your plan for ranking your keyword. In essence, will it be your products main page or an article on your site that gets the hit? Remember too that long-tail keywords will be the most effective at targeting your content. For example, instead of just “online gambling” try something more like “free online interactive poker.”

Optimize Results

The final step is to take those keyword variations that you found and utilize them throughout your content. Weave these words is as much content as possible, whether it’s articles, product descriptions, video headings, or anything else. For example, for a gambling website, you would utilize your keywords as you describe all of the games available, the types of user experiences, etc. The more a keyword appears, the better your chances of showing up in search results.