Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

As we all know digital marketing is an unavoidable element of any business growth strategy. Whether you are a multi-million dollar corporation or just a startup you are bound to use some form of digital marketing. People will often look you up online, so it’s something that pretty much gives legitimacy to your company.

However, digital marketing is a very vague term as it includes all sorts of different approaches or marketing techniques. Unlike greenplay bonus code which is a universally great approach, some digital marketing trends are not as viable as they were over the past few years. So, let’s see what changed in the world of digital marketing in 2020.

Marketing on Facebook

Facebook is known for its wide and diverse user base, and it offers amazing tools for advertising your product or company. Many small shops see more sales through Facebook than their own website and for a long time was a crucial component for successful digital marketing. Today that is no longer the case, or at least it’s not as effective as it used to be. 

It seems that the majority of Facebook users have migrated to different social media platforms. They still use Facebook, but they do not spend as much time there as before. It would appear that a large portion of Facebook users nowadays is people in their mid-sixties. 

In other words, if the goal of your digital marketing campaign is to influence a younger demographic, this platform might not be the most prudent choice, but it does not mean your campaign won’t have a positive effect. As mentioned Facebook is still strong, there are just some better options out there, depending on your core audience.  


It would appear that people under 30 are spending more time browsing Instagram, and we see a lot more sponsored posts there nowadays. Additionally, there is a high number of young influencers who are publishing their content on Instagram which is another reason why this has become a potent tool for digital marketing. It seems that the younger users who are no longer on Facebook migrated here.

Video is now a must

A few years back people did not rely on videos so much, mainly because users tend to utilize adblocker or simply skip the video. So, banner ads, brochures, or infographics were even used as content to promote your services or educate potential users about the impact of your product.

Now more sites deny access to people who want to use ad-block, and they can’t skip a video commercial for at least 5 seconds. So, videos have become pretty much a must for your digital marketing campaign.  

Content is relevant as ever

Finally, the heart and soul of every digital marketing is high quality and well-optimized written content. This is something that allows you to have an organic reach and gives users a chance to find you on their own. 

A lot of people don’t trust search engine results with “AD” next to it, they know it’s artificially boosted, whereas content that is highly ranked on its own is always more authentic and reliable. The only thing that changed here is the amount of work you need to invest in order to generate higher quality content.