Interesting Facts About The Internet

The world is using the internet every single day. There are areas in the world without the internet, but those areas do not have mobile phone coverage, either. Those are some pretty remote areas where people rarely every go, if at all. The internet serves everyone, from governments, to individuals browsing, using it for whichever reasons, from entertainment to business. Some use it to gamble, searching for and other ways of making the odds more favorable for themselves. That being said, there are a couple of interesting facts about the internet which you should know.

There are a Lot of Sites Online

The world is full of data, that we already know. There are at least around 4 billion websites online. That is more than half the world’s population. There are at least 75 million active WordPress sites and over 440 million Tumblr blogs. At least 5 million blog posts are published every day. On Instagram, around 70 million photos are uploaded on a daily basis, but ironically enough, 70% of those photos are never seen. Of those many websites, more than 80,000 are hacked on a daily basis, most of them being based on WordPress or Joomla. They are some of the least secure CMSs out there.

Domains Are Being Registered NOW

Around 5,000 domains are registered every single hour. Multiply that by 24 and you get 120,000 domains in a day. But, domains registered does not mean domains used, meaning that people end up with saving domains in case someone else would want to use them, then selling them at a much larger price. The most popular domain names are those ending in .com. At least 75,000 of those 120,000 daily domains are either on standby or unavailable. That is a lot of domains, going away every single day, due to profit.

Over 250 Billion Emails are Sent 

There are at least 250 billion emails being sent and received on a daily basis. That seems like a lot but only 50 billion of that is human traffic. The rest belongs to spam email. The first spam email was sent in 1978, an advertisement, who would’ve guessed. It was sent to 400 people by the Digital Equipment Corporation, advertising one of their products. Nobody likes spam email and luckily, most of us have spam filters turned on.


YouTube Gets a Lot of Traffic

It is said that an average user spends about 4 hours a week watching YouTube. To put things into perspective, for users to have what to watch every single week, at least 400 hours of content are uploaded every single minute. If you do the math, that is a lot of content, 576,000 hours in a day. That is more than you would be able to watch. There are at least 1 billion users on YouTube, which is quite a lot.


The internet is an amazing place, and these facts, as well as many more, prove it.