Awesome SEO Blogs to Follow

The world relies on advertisements to work. An awesome product might never see the light of day unless it is advertised properly. Some prefer advertising on radio or traditionally, using billboards and television. Others know that they can reach many more people by using the internet. With that, people turn to experts who help them advertise their products more successfully, to the point where they turn a dead product into a golden goose. 

There are many parts of online advertising and SEO is one of them. SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is important if you want your online content to be seen. Here are the top blogs to follow if you are interested in SEO.


Moz is made for SEO and by people who love SEO. There is a lot of content uploaded daily about SEO, but the content is high quality because the editors are very picky about what they allow. The content varies from blog posts about rather specific SEO related things, to tutorials. They have a tutorial which is getting regularly updated, specifically targeted at beginners, those who are not familiar with SEO at all. This is one of the most trusted sites related to SEO and advertising.

Search Engine Journal

While SEO is a big part of advertising, it is only a part of it. Search engines also play a part. This site devotes its attention to SEO but also search engines and topics related to search engines. Beginners will be able to learn a thing or two about search engines and SEO, while more advanced users will be able to sharpen their tools and stay updated on the most current events in the world of search engines.

SEO Book

Beginners beware, this site might not be the best for you. SEO is a broad topic, part of an even broader topic. Sites like to focus on more than a single topic, but SEO Book keeps its eyes set on SEO. Their topics are, however, a bit more advanced so if you own a site or are already familiar with SEO, this blog will do you much better than it would a beginner.

Search Engine Roundtable

Whenever you hear the word roundtable, you immediately think of King Arthur. Well, Arthur has nothing to do with SEO, but this blog has. They keep you updated on all things related to search engines and various companies which use different strategies and approaches to optimizing their work and reaching more people.

These are the top 4 SEO blogs which you should follow if you are interested in SEO. Some are broader, some more specific about their topics but they all deal with SEO, one way or another.