Top 5 SEO Plugins – Plugins to Make Your SEO Easier and Better

We rely on applications and programs to make our lives easier. We use anything from faster browsers to plugins which check our grammar to make daily tasks easier. Even for entertainment, we rely on applications and software. Some listen to music from online streaming services, others play video games, and others enjoy using welcome offers such as the Betfred Casino Welcome Offer to make the most of their entertainment. From applications to plugins which are made to work with applications, we use software to help us with both work and play. SEO is an essential part of online marketing and having an online presence, but it is not something that people do by heart. They use plugins.

Here are the top SEO plugins that can make your content better.

Yoast SEO

As far as plugins are concerned, Yoast is at the top of the list of plugins that you want for your WordPress site.

Most individuals and small businesses start with a WordPress site and Yoast is a great tool to use to make the best out of the articles and content that you post on the site. It tells you how many sentences are in the passive voice and whether the article is readable or not.

Consider Yoast if you are running a WordPress site.

W3 Total Cache

This is a web browning optimization tool, the only one which is web agnostic, according to the developers. This tool takes a while to install and setup, mostly because it is powerful and takes some time to be fully implemented. The setup and wait is worthwhile, however, because it can speed up your site, from traffic to loading times, making it a more pleasurable experience. Nobody wants to visit a site which takes a minute to load, nor 10 seconds, even.

This is a site, and not a plugin, but a keyword tool to help you find keyword ideas. It uses Google Autocomplete data, as well as data from other search engines like Bling, Amazon, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and so on and so forth. It is an amazing tool that anybody working with SEO should consider.

It is free, though paid versions exist, offering more complexity and better data, depending on the plan, of course.

Broken Link Checker

This is a great plugin. It does what its name says. Linking to other sites is a standard in marketing and broken links can lead to a decrease in your site’s ranking and performance. Broken links confuse search engines, or rather, give them the signal that you are not really updating and checking your content.

If one has over a thousand articles to check, then that might be an issue. Having a plugin which can do that for us is just perfect.


Integrating Google Analytics to your site has never been easier. Analytify can do it in mere minutes, providing you with everything you need to view Google Analytics from your WordPress dashboard. There are premium plans, of course, but the free version is more than good enough for any beginner starting to learn marketing and getting their hands dirty in SEO.


SEO is one of the pillars of marketing, which cannot be forgotten. With these plugins and tools, you can make your SEO better and your work easier.