World’s Top 10 Internet Companies

The internet has become our go-to for work, entertainment, social interactions, and even betting. Many people nowadays prefer online betting, and how wouldn’t they with amazing casinos such as Energy Casino Live. With such a strong presence of the internet in our lives, it isn’t surprising that there are so many giants among internet companies. Let’s look at the 10 biggest ones.

  1. Google

Of course, we have to start the list with one of the biggest internet companies in the world and the world’s most popular Internet search engine. In 2019, Google’s total revenue was $161.86 billion, which is more than enough for the company to secure a place on this list.  

  1. Amazon

You already know that if you need to buy anything, Amazon is always a site to browse first. In 2019, with total revenue of $280.52 billion, Amazon sealed its place as the biggest online seller in the world. 

  1. Tencent Holdings

If you haven’t heard about Tencent Holdings yet, you should definitely keep an eye out for this titan. The company is a household name in Asia where it is famous for its games and apps, such as WeChat. 

  1. Facebook

Facebook still remains one of the favorites when it comes to online social interactions. In 2019, this social networking site reported revenue of $70.7 billion, mainly through advertising. 

  1. Alibaba

China’s Alibaba is the biggest competitor Amazon has. The site has become more and more popular since 2014 and in 2019 its revenue was $56.15 billion. Although Alibaba still needs to conquer the rest of the world outside of China, based on its progress so far, we see this happening in no time. 

  1. Netflix

With 167 million people subscribed, Netflix has slowly become the most popular video streaming service out there. With so many shows you can watch exclusively on Netflix, how can you not subscribe? 


Whenever you need to travel, is probably the first place you check out. Since it offers the best prices and information, it isn’t surprising that in 2019, its total revenues were $15.07 billion.

  1. Baidu

In China, people might be more familiar with Baidu than Google. Among other things, Baidu also offers Internet TV and anti-virus software. This company also complies with Chinese laws when it comes to search results. 

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  1. Salesforce

The world of cloud computing is relatively new and still unexplored, but Salesforce secured its place in it right at the very beginning. Therefore, now its total revenues are as much as $21.41 billion.


One of the members of the Fortune 500, is very popular in China, as well as the majority of east Asia. In 2019, its total revenues were $73.36 billion.