startPortals areĀ a gateway to the World Wide Web. Any page with a link to another Web site can technically be considered a portal. However, a good portal will provide you with links to all the information that is important to you on a daily basis.

For example, the portal should provide links to recent news stories, current weather reports and forecasts, stock quotes, sport scores, and any other timely information. There are several Web sites that can provide you with this information. Most of them can be customized to provide you with the information you need.

Several of these portals are an extension of a search engine. In order for these to be useful, however, the portal needs to be more than just a search engine.

Most Web browsers have a preset startup page. Usually it is set to the homepage of the Web browser (Netscape’s home page or Microsoft’s home page) or the home page of your Internet Service provider.


We suggest that you change the default setting of your startup page to one of these portals:

My Yahoo
Personalize Yahoo!’s content by collecting your favorite features in a single page. Options include mail, news, weather, stock prices, sports scores, TV, movie listings, and much more. This site also features free-email and chat.

My Excite
You customize the page to include news, weather, sports, stock quotes, and movie listings. This site also features free-email , chat and a customized news-search tool.

My Netscape
Useful tools. Convenient services. Great content. These are just a few of the things you can look forward to as a Netscape member. One registration. Single sign in. Immediate access. When you join the Netscape Team, you get it all. Netscape can give you things you can’t get anywhere else. And membership is free.You can customize the page to include news, sports, weather, and stock quotes. This site also features free-email.

Registration is required to use these Web sites since they are customized to each users particular needs. You will be asked to submit a “screen name” (username) and a password. There is no charge to use these portals…they receive their revenue from advertising.