Finding Email Addresses


Magnifying GlassFinding email addresses is now easier than ever.  Even with the multimedia excitement of the web, email is the most frequently used application of the internet. Many people who have access to the internet at school, home, and work, use the Internet for no other purpose than to send and receive email.

Of course email only works if you know the other persons email address. Here’s a list of websites you can use to locate hard to get email addresses:


411 Locate
Offers a free database to list your email and web site addresses.

Comrades and Colleagues
Military reunion site serving all forces in Canada, U.K., Australia, and New Zealand. Reuniting old friends from the armed forces, Army, Navy, and Air Force.


Search for email and street addresses.

Change of address search engine. Register a new e-mail address or search for someone else’s.

Worldwide e-mail address registry and change of e-address service.

Friends Reunited
Get in touch with old schoolmates and coworkers in a number of countries outside the United States.

Internet Address Finder
Search for users by name or by entering an e-mail address.

Yahoo! People Search
Offers white pages with email and phone number search options to help users find friends, colleagues, classmates, and more.