Magnifying GlassLooking for something, or someone? A websearch can be the quickest and least expensive way to find information as long as you know how to use the search engines efficiently.

Remember, the purpose is finding, not searching. Here are a few tips for successful searching:

Read the “hints” and “help” for each search engine. This will explain exactly how the search tool operates. For your convenience we’ve included links to these sections.

Experiment with different search engines. Even though they are all similar, they all have important differences. A search engine that is quick, but returns 40,000 pages may not be as effective as one that may be slower but returns only 30 pages. Find the search engine that is best suited for your needs.

Here are some basic tips that will help you get the most out of your search:

  • Spelling is important for a successful search. If you aren’t getting the results you want, double-check the spelling.
  • The words you enter in the search box will have the most direct impact on the results you receive. For that reason, we suggest that you use the most direct words you can. If you are searching for information about Florida type “Florida”. If you want to find information about vacationing in Florida type “Florida vacation.”
  • Enter words that you think will appear on the Web page you want.


Most search engines will recognize any spaces that you enter in the search box, so search with the correct spaces included. If you search “baseball cards” you will most likely receive a list of various collectables. If you search for “baseballcards” you will likely find only a website with the address http://www.baseballcards.com/

Most search engines have a special Advanced Search page that allows you to increase the accuracy of your search. You can filter using many options. Look for the “advanced search” link.

Parents, we strongly urge you to utilize the “parental controls” or “safe search” settings most search engines offer. This will help in preventing your child from accidentally seeing pornography.