Web Hosting

What You Need to Know About Web Hosting
If you are relatively new to learning how the Internet works, understanding hosting is a great place to start. After all, it is the foundation that keeps website alive and that powers their many features. There are many types of hosting solutions, and knowing each type and how they work will empower you with the knowledge to know which solution is right for you. By doing a simple Google search you can find the best Internet hosting sites like www.ayksolutions.com that offer multiple types of hosting solutions to meet business and personal needs. Continue reading to learn the benefits of the different types.

Let’s share some shared hosting
If you are just starting a new business and are looking to spread yourself thin in the beginning, shared hosting may be a great choice to meet your needs. The way it works is that one physical server is used by multiple websites and website owners. The equipment resources are divided among all the users. Sometimes the size of the shared hosting package dictates how much space a user gets, but in general the portions are even. Here are the benefits:

  • Lower cost than other server types
  • No responsibility for technical support
  • No maintenance or adjustments needed
  • Great for people who are not tech savvy
  • User-friendly with simple control panel

This is a very popular option with starter businesses that will aim to expand in the future while keeping things simple and cost-effective in the beginning.


Dedicated hosting
If you want total control of your environment, dedicated hosting is the option for you. Dedicated hosting consists of a server located in a data center that is “dedicated” to you, and only you. The hosting company you partner with will have staff members to oversee network operations and keep things running while being able to assist you with basic functions. This option is more expensive, but well worth it if you have a larger operation that has outgrown more minimal solutions.

VPS hosting
Virtual private server (VPS) hosting has increased in popularity, and can best be described as a hybrid of shared and dedicated hosting. This server type has its own operating system, bandwidth and disc space. In other words, you have a physical server that resides in a data center that is used for VPS hosting. The server is divided into multiple spaces that create a virtual server of it’s own. However, the account holder on the virtual server can only see their environment and no others. So the space acts as a dedicated server but it is actually part of a physical one.

Choosing the right hosting company
Finding a company that offers a great hosting service with the best technology is a given, but the best web hosting company you can find will also offer stellar technical support and customer service. Regardless as to what type of hosting solution you sign up for, you will want to have 24/7 access to the host in the event there are problems. In times like this having prompt and friendly customer service will really matter. Be sure you read client reviews, and ask the provider to help recommend the best hosting solution for your computing needs.