Wireless Broadband


wifiWireless broadband, also known as WiFi, is the ability to connect to the Internet without the use of wires. The most common way of accessing wireless broadband is via a wireless router attached to an ISP’s (Internet Service Provider) modem. Wireless broadband is not to be confused with mobile broadband. Wireless broadband requires a signal, unlike mobile broadband which doesn’t even require the person to be in the area of a signal because mobile broadband provides you with your very own portable USB modem/dongle.

In order to receive wireless broadband, you need a wireless router. Wireless routers work on the principle that the router converts the signal coming across your Internet connection and broadcasts them around an area. This signal is picked up by wireless devices around the house, such as computers, gaming devices and mobile phones, giving them wireless connectivity.


Generally, wireless broadband works well for people who want to share their Internet signal among other members within the same house and be able to access the Internet from various computers in different rooms. Gamers using PS3, PSP, Xbox 360 and other wireless gaming devices and laptop users, allows freedom and ease to surf the Internet from anywhere without being connected by a cord.

Wireless broadband is very common today and most ISP’s offer customers wireless routers for free with their monthly Internet subscription. Some ISP’s modems are even wireless, skipping the step of needing a wireless router.

Be sure to do your research when buying or upgrading your wireless router. There are lots on the market and one just right for you.