Free Email


emailThere are several web based services that offer free email addresses. They allow you to check your email from any computer that has an Internet connection. They allow you to keep your email address forever, even if you change Internet Service Providers or jobs.

Although every email service provider can read the emails stored on its servers (unless encrypted), specific concerns have been raised about webmail. Most popular webmail services tend to use so-called targeting ads and online spam-filters (instead of a client-based filter). These services search through email for certain target words and even though service providers may claim that no human reads the emails some providers have been forced to make it possible for users to opt out of this feature. Because web browsing is the expected way of viewing the inbox, webmail providers store emails for a longer time than usual providers, which often delete the email from their servers after they have sent it to the email client.

Here are the most popular email websites:

  • Excite Mail
    Free web-based email.

  • Hotmail
    Free web-based email service from MSN.

  • Gmail
    Web-based email service from Google that allows users to search their message archive.

  • Lycos Mail
    Provides email, voice mail, and instant messaging services.

    Provides personalized, web-based email. Also offers premium service upgrades.

  • MailCity
    Free web-based email, available through any Internet connection.

  • Mail2Web
    Web-based email application which allows users to access accounts anywhere.

  • Netaddress
    Provides email accounts.

  • Yahoo! Mail
    Get free “” email.